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Project Experience
Boiler Projects

IDS has an broad “Boiler” background and has been extensively involved in numerous “New” and/or “Retrofit” boiler projects.  IDS’s experience and work scope includes; minor “Pressure Part” tube replacement projects, to significant boiler engineering & design projects, with IDS responsible for up to 80% of the boiler island proper, as well as, auxiliary systems (i.e. fuel feed, combustion air, and flue gas, internal & external pressure parts, casing design, and structural steel). 

The following projects highlight some of our past “Boiler” project experience.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

IDS has performed the detailed Piping System design, Code calculations and Structural Engineering on numerous HRSG projects for our OEM & EPC clients.  IDS’s work scope has included; both internal and external pressure parts, boiler interconnecting piping and support design, casing design, access platforms, SCRs, and ammonia & urea systems. 

The following projects emphasize IDS’s HRSG design and engineering capabilities. 

Environmental & Emission Clean-Up Systems

IDS has supported our clients with site inspection, design and engineering services on various environmental & emission control system projects including; Coal to Biomass Fuel Feed Conversion, SCR systems, Low NOx Burners, Overfire Air Ducting Systems, as well as other emissions cleanup projects.  IDS’s SCR experience ranges from a “Simple Cycle” gas combustion system, to multiple SCR units supporting BFB, CFB, PC and Super Critical boiler facilities. 

The following projects outline several “New” and/or “Retrofit” projects IDS supported for our clients.